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Ceramic Massage Face Body Paddle Stone

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Ceramic Massage Face & Body Paddle Stone


What is ceramics?
Ceramics are natural matters with generally various and superior functions. It refers to mineral, non-metallic, solid, fire-resistant materials developed through high heat treatment. Among ceramics, the functional ceramics that we have are baked at 1300 degrees, and only the pure crystals are made. Such environmentally friendly ceramics are developed by synthesizing and produced according to the features of many naturally existing minerals.




Ceramic stone therapy

  • The globally popular stone therapy massage was recreated in modern form 5 years ago by a masseur from Arizona named Mary Nelson-Hannigan, in which it is actually one thousand year old folk remedy from China or Asia.
  • Ceramic stone was developed with better functions than stones formerly used in stone massages


  • Developed with natural minerals, the special features of each material are mixed and baked to develop the functional, synthetic ceramics product.
  • Strong anions and germanium far infrared rays are emitted to improve blood circulation, making it optimal for the use as ceramic therapy stone.
  • Ceramic stone can be heated or cooled for massage. There is no reason to set cool stone or hot stone.



  1. Natural stone cannot be found in uniform shape and size vs. ceramic stone can be molded to be developed in uniform shape and size (systemization available)
  2. The types of stones are restricted (basalt, marble, quartz, etc.), and because refinement process is not possible, stones may be contain impurities vs. natural minerals are processed and a mixture of good quality materials is possible, doubling the beneficial functions.
  3. Production is limited vs. mass production is possible.
  4. The surface must be coated to artificially make the surface smooth vs. rather than artificial luster, ceramic balls are naturally shined through friction.
  5. They are heavy and may cause skin lesions vs. they are durable, light, and scrapes are rare.
  6. Processing is difficult vs. it is less expensive than processing natural stones.



Effects of ceramic stone therapy
Ceramic stone therapy makes the body relax to the utmost levels, and the balanced use of massage technique and ceramic stone will calm the body to create harmony and enhance lymph flow.

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Ceramic Massage Face - Body Paddle Stone